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About Kandal Cross Shrine

Situated on the outskirts of Ooty, Kandal Cross Shrine is a beautiful church popularly known as the Jerusalem of the East. The church houses a life size bronze crucifix and a relic in a small glass case which is believed to be from the original cross that Christ carried. Sacred prayers are offered every Friday.

About the Founder



The Kandal Cross Shrine was founded by Rev Fr Paul Crayssac on 27/10/1933
The relic of the true cross was installed on 03/05/1939.

To convert this church into a shrine Fr. Paul Craysaac took lot of initiatives from 1933.

According to the 2nd Vatican Council, Priesthood is of 3 types.
1. Christ Priesthood – which talks about Christ
2. Ministerial Priesthood – which tells about the ministry
3. Common Priesthood – Lay peoples ministry

Fr. Paul Craysaac has played a very important role in building up this church physically and spiritually. He has done lot of ministerial work from the best of his ability. And that is why after his death, his body has been laid to rest here in Kurusadi. Along with that, the chalice that he used for his first mass, the vestment given to him by his mother are also been kept preserved here.