The Church

Mount Calvary

As Jesus was nailed and lifted up on the cross in Mount Calvary, there is a statue in Kurusadi which clearly depicts Jesus hanging on the cross. According to the Jewish law if a person has to be punished he will be stoned to death but nailing on the cross is done by the Romans. Though Jesus was a Jew, they didn’t follow the Jewish law of stoning to death but they chose the crucifixion. That is because if a person is stoned he will die very soon, but when nailing on the cross the person will suffer hanging on the cross for many hours and will have a very crucial death. The statue of the crucifix in Kurusadi depicts the same.

Every Jew will wear 5 kinds of clothing that is a turban, matting, sash, undergarment, outer cloak. After crucifying the guilty each soldier will take the turban, matting, sash and the undergarment. They will put lots among themselves and take the 5th garment that is the outer cloak. Usually when they reach Calvary the guilty will be nailed with the small cloth wrapped around the waist. But it is believed that for Jesus even that small cloth around the waist was removed when they hung Jesus on the cross. The crucifix at Kurusadi earnestly portrays our Lord Jesus hanging on the cross.  This special Crucifix was installed in Kurusadi on 27th October 1933 by Fr. Paul Craysaac. This place was purchased to establish a big cemetery. It was completely covered by trees and rocks. Father brought this powerful and realistic crucifix from France with all difficulty to depict the real Calvary.   

Cave Church

Jesus was buried in a cave. The cave will be closed by a huge stone. In Jewish custom, before burying they will apply incense oil all over the body and wrap it with white cloth and keep it in the cave. This incense oil is applied on the body to avoid immediate decomposition of the body. But for Jesus they were unable to apply this oil as Pascal time would start at 3, and before that the body should be placed inside the cave. Therefore, Mary Magdalene came with the oil that early morning to apply this oil on Jesus’ body. As she wouldn’t be able to roll the stone to open the cave she was searching for the gardener to help her in opening it. Mary Magdalene couldn’t recognize when Jesus appeared to her, thinking that he is a gardener she complaints that Jesus is missing. To recount this, a cave church has been instituted on 3rd May 1939 with the statue of Jesus buried inside the tomb.

The True Cross

A small piece of the true cross that was carried by our Lord Jesus is kept in Kurusadi. For crucifixion the soldiers will make 4 types of crucifix.

  1. English capital letter I – they will lift up both the hands and nail them together with one single nail. The full body will be hanging with the help of those 2 hands. As the full body is balanced by the hands, the complete body will pain severely.
  2. English capital letter T – when the guilty is crucified in this type the head will swing backwards without any support. The front parts of the body like lungs, liver will have suffering pain.
  3. English capital letter Y – in this crucifix the head will fall forward giving lot of pain the spinal cord, shoulders etc.
  4.   (Plus sign) – this cross is a combination of all the above types of crosses. It gives all the pain produced in all the above types. This type of cross was given only to national traitors.

A small piece of the original cross carried by our Lord Jesus by his own hands, touched by Jesus Christ’s cloth, cross kept on Jesus’ shoulders, cross soaked by the blood of our Lord Jesus is kept here in Kurusadi. Fr. Paul Craysaac brought this small piece of the original cross to Kurusadi from Jerusalem on the 3rd May 1939. When people pray through the original cross with faith they definitely get their intentions granted in a miraculous way.

The buried body in the tomb

Usually when they crucify the guilty the soldiers will tie the person’s shoulders on to the cross so that the body is placed properly on to the cross and so the guilty will die only after hanging on the cross for 3 to 4 days. But they didn’t tie Jesus’ shoulders on to the cross and so the full body weight was balanced by Jesus’ hands. The blood circulation was very slow and the liver stopped its functioning because of this. Of all this pain Jesus died in 3 hours hanging on the cross.

According to medical evidences if a person looses all his blood in an accident, immediately a liquid will come out of the wound. When Jesus’ side was pierced by a sword the bible says “Blood and water came out from the body”. Which means even the last drop of blood came out of Jesus’ body. After all the sorrowful death Jesus’ body was placed inside a tomb. To vignette that Jesus was placed inside the cave after His death, a tomb with Jesus’ dead body was stationed in Kurusadi Cave Church.

Madha Kulam

At the centre of Kurusadi campus there is a pond which has Mother Mary’s statue erected in the middle. This statue fulfills the creators word “Genesis 3:15 she will crush your head and you will strike her heel”. A serpent is being crushed by Mother Mary. We can see Mother Mary’s hands wide opened and pointing towards the earth, this depicts the words of Mother Mary “Behold, I am the handmade of the Lord, let it be to me according to your will.”

According to the Jewish custom after the engagement the couple will be kept separated for a year. During this one year of separation if the bridegroom dies due to accident or sickness then the bride will be considered as a widow. At the same time if the bride conceives during this separation she has to be stoned to death or a divorce document is given. The same rule was followed in the lives of Mother Mary and St. Joseph. They were kept away from each other after their engagement. The bible says that Virgin Mary spent the complete year in prayer and penance. During these days the angel of God appeared to Mother Mary and announced that “You will be conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit”. After which Mother Mary accepted the call by saying “Let it be according to your will”. This is clearly depicted in the statue as Mother Mary points her wide spread hands towards the earth accepting God’s Call.

Surrounded by the pond there are 23 statues of Mother Mary explaining the different virtues. Our Lady of Immaculate conception, Our Lady of Velankanni, Our Lady of Fathima, Our Lady of Rosary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Engagement, Our Lady of the Holy Family, Mary Help of Christians, Our Lady of Nurses, Our Lady of Mercy, Maria Bambina, Our Lady of all Nations, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Immaculate Heart, Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Pondi, Our Lady of Motherhood, Our Lady of Assumption, Rosa Mystica, Our Lady of Full Moon, Our Lady of Good Student, Mary undoer of knots. It is believed that whatever is requested it is granted through Mother Mary.

Mount Kurusadi

Like Kurusu Malai in Kerala, Kurusadi Malai was instituted here in Kurusadi. People with strong faith go as a pilgrimage around this Kurusu Malai either 3 times of 7 times and they say that they receive their petitions. People even walk in procession for the forgiveness of their sins, as penance, submitting petitions and also as thanks giving. As devotees walk around the Kurusadi malai they pray with great devotion saying “Through the most precious crucifix Lord listen to our prayer” “For the sake of His sorrowful passion have mercy on us”. 

Miraculous Spring of Holy Water

When the cleaning process to install Kurusadi was taking place in the year 1935, a spring of water (fountain) appeared at 10 feet depth in between the rocks. Even if there is scarcity around this place this divine spring of water will never go without water. This pure blessed water is given to devotees as Holy Water. Many sick people are completely cured by drinking this Holy Water with faith. 

Mary of Passion 

We know that Mother Mary carries 7 passions.

  1. Simeons words – “Luke 2:35 A sword will pierce your heart”. Mother Mary whole heartedly accepted those words unaware of what is going to happen in her life. Only at Mount Calvary She realized the complete meaning of it.
  2. When they were asked to escape to Egypt – Angel appeared to St. Joseph and asked them to go to Egypt, so Mother Mary knew the passion only after reaching Egypt.
  3. Jesus was lost in the temple – at the age of 12 Jesus grown up with full of love and compassion was found missing.
  4. Meeting Jesus at Calvary carrying the cross – Jesus her Son carrying the cross all alone with full of scourging and blood stains all over the body
  5. When Jesus died on the cross – Her Son was hanging in between the sky and the earth like an orphan
  6. When Jesus was laid on the hands of Mother Mary
  7. When Jesus was placed inside the tomb – mother being alive when the son is dead

Mother of passion statue installed at Kurusadi bears all the 7 passions experienced by Mother Mary. When people with lot of passion in their lives pray in front of the Mother of Passion statue it is said that they attain the same courage and will power to face their problems like Mother Mary. This powerful Mother of Passion statue was instituted on the 5th May 1940 at Kurusadi.   

The Risen Christ

There are 7 proofs for Christ’s Resurrection.

  1. The empty tomb – Its only Jesus’ tomb open till now
  2. The rolled stone – the stone that covered the caves entrance was moved
  3. The soldiers – the words they said that Jesus has been resurrected
  4. Folded clothes – the clothes in which Jesus was wrapped
  5. Apparitions – Jesus appeared to many after His resurrection
  6. Biblical words – Bible clearly tells in many places that Jesus has been resurrected
  7. The gardener – he was scared but still proclaimed that Jesus has been resurrected

As an evidence for all the above mentioned proofs The Resurrected Jesus is installed at Kurusadi. Many people come and pray with deep faith to overcome trials and sufferings as Jesus rose again after death.

The Crib

To delineate that Jesus Christ was born in a manger a crib has been innovated here in Kurusadi. Bible says that Mother Mary kept Baby Jesus in a manger soon after His birth. A manger is a small feeding tank in which village people throw the food wastes in it. In the evening after grazing the cattle and sheep will eat the waste food thrown into the feeding tank and will get back to their pastures. So this manger contains food items. Here arises a question, “Why was Jesus kept in the manger?” The answer is, after 33 years Jesus will give His own Body and Blood (Eucharist) to redeem the world. To expound this in reality a crib has been pioneered here at Kurusadi.

Way of the Cross

From the entrance of Kurusadi till the Shrine, 14 stations of the Way of the Cross have been established to meditate the sufferings of Jesus along with our sufferings and offer it to the Lord through Jesus Christ.


There is a big cemetery in Kurusadi. It is believed that the deceased buried here will definitely reach the Heavenly abode and it clearly explains that everyone in this world will die one day and will reach the Kingdom of God.