The Holy Cross

The Holy cross


Kandal Cross Shrine, known as the Jerusalem of the East, has a relic of the true Cross that Jesus Christ carried, upon which he was eventually crucified. The relic is placed inside a bronze crucifix and is encapsulated in a glass case. Many are still unaware of this fact. Only a few who are aware of the history of the cross pray in front of the relic. This relic was brought to India by an Apostolic delegate. 



A small piece of the true cross that was carried by our Lord Jesus is kept in Kurusadi. For crucifixion the soldiers will make 4 types of crucifix.

  1. English capital letter I – they will lift up both the hands and nail them together with one single nail. The full body will be hanging with the help of those 2 hands. As the full body is balanced by the hands, the complete body will pain severely.
  2. English capital letter T – when the guilty is crucified in this type the head will swing backwards without any support. The front parts of the body like lungs, liver will have suffering pain.
  3. English capital letter Y – in this crucifix the head will fall forward giving lot of pain the spinal cord, shoulders etc.
  4.   (Plus sign) – this cross is a combination of all the above types of crosses. It gives all the pain produced in all the above types. This type of cross was given only to national traitors.

A small piece of the original cross carried by our Lord Jesus by his own hands, touched by Jesus Christ’s cloth, cross kept on Jesus’ shoulders, cross soaked by the blood of our Lord Jesus is kept here in Kurusadi. Fr. Paul Craysaac brought this small piece of the original cross to Kurusadi from Jerusalem on the 3rd May 1939. When people pray through the original cross with faith they definitely get their intentions granted in a miraculous way.